Building design service

Upon receiving an enquiry, we initially meet with the client to ascertain a feel for the site. We then discuss the project with the client, to assess the client’s needs, and how these can be formulated into the project within budget. After receiving the commission, we carry out a measured survey of the site and buildings, and carry out a desktop study of the site and area if necessary. Once the survey details are compiled and drawn we then commence work on the design drawings, with alternative layouts produced if requested by the client. The relevant authorities may also be consulted at this stage to obtain informal approval of the scheme.    

After the initial design has been agreed with all parties, we then develop the drawings to the full scheme design drawings. We act as agents for the client and handle the necessary first stage statutory applications such as Town and Country Planning and Listed Building applications, and Environmental and Water Authority consultations.

Once the first stage approvals are obtained then we are able to commence the preparation of the working drawings and details to obtain Building Regulations approval. We are also able to prepare structural calculations and SAP energy reports to gain Building Control approval. At this point the client receives a full set of completed drawings which have gained statutory approval from the relevant authorities.

Energy ratings

All new dwellings require energy ratings to be calculated. We are able to prepare SAP design energy ratings, and "as-built" energy ratings for your new house, and issue an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on completion of the building work. We can also prepare SAP energy ratings for existing properties. We are also able to calculate area weighted U value calculations, and whole house calculations, to enable over-glazed extensions to comply with the Building Regulations.

Structural calculations

We are able to prepare structural calculations for most types of domestic work, including removal of load-bearing walls, re-roofing works, and loft conversions.  

Party wall surveys

We can provide advice on all aspects of the Party Wall Act 1996. Whether you have been served a notice by a neighbour or are planning on works of your own that affect your neighbour please contact us for further advice.

Access audits

We are able to undertake an access audit on your behalf, to assess compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act. The completed access statement will ensure satisfactory access and egress for all, and implement reasonable adjustment measures to achieve compliance with the legislation.

Fire engineered solutions

Modern building design is tending ever towards larger, more open plan concepts. This design approach requires that the normally applied prescriptive fire safety standards utilised in more traditional building designs, become restrictive in their application. Statutory design guidelines give the option to developers to move away from the prescriptive fire safety constraints and use an approach that enables engineered solutions to be applied specifically to new and existing buildings. This approach enables the designer to take full advantage of design features and to offset one fire precaution measure with others that may positively contribute towards an aesthetically and engineered optimum solution. Existing buildings subject to redevelopment or fire certification can also benefit from a fire engineered approach, the benefits here in addition to potentially reduced costs and restrictive measures, can include less intrusion particularly if the building is of a Listed or ‘fine’ nature. Fire engineering techniques require the designer to prepare a specific design for a building taking into account the features, proposed use and occupancy of the facility. Prescriptive applied standards are general in their nature and are required to be applicable to all buildings put to a similar use. For maximisation of building potential and optimisation or even feasibility of design, the fire engineer becomes an essential advisor to the facility manager or member of the project design team.

Fire risk assessments

The risk of fire is an ever-present hazard in all premises. Therefore as an occupier / employer you need to understand the scale of the risk and the potential consequences if a fire were to develop. A fire risk assessment, apart from meeting legislative requirements, can offset more onerous prescriptive fire safety requirements by quantitative and qualitative assessment, and by the application of equivalency techniques to determine cost effective alternatives. We   are able to undertake on your behalf the assessment and definition of all fire hazards within your premises, and prepare a fire risk assessment, sufficient for meeting your requirements under the new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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